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Some may say that being the eldest of a large family sets you up to be a leader by default. That may be true, however, it also afforded me the tools to identify talent. Whether it was washing the dishes, cleaning the car, making the dinner, or folding clothes, I noticed that each and every one of my siblings brought a particular talent to the table. I quickly realized that not everyone shares the same talents and therefore, not every job is a perfect fit.

As a young teenager from Scotland who was propelled into the deep south of Huntsville, Alabama, I soon learned firsthand what it felt to not "fit" in. I think it’s fair to say that most of us have had experiences in life where the fit has not been a good one. So I guess it is of no surprise that I find myself applying skills I learned from my own experiences growing up in talent acquisition and fit to my working life.

Educated at the prestigious school of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University, and  through subsequent work with a global corporate super power helping to train, recruit, and develop teams, I have observed first-hand the importance of employee fit and the impact a good or bad one can have in the business environment. So, in 2016, I decided to establish CSL Staffing. 

I think everyone deserves to be given the opportunity to find a great job and together with my team, we can help you achieve it. It's our goal to help you find a job that you are passionate about, a job that brings you value, a job where you can grow, and perhaps most importantly, a job where your talent fits.

At CSL Staffing, our talent is finding yours! Whether you are an employee looking for that perfect job or an employer looking for the perfect candidate, we would love to help you. For expert San Diego staffing agency services, I encourage you to try us out and see if we can provide the right fit for you!

Pauline Gourdie

CSL Staffing

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